Adam Levine and Blake Shelton fail miserably at innuendo-laced game of Say Whaaat? on Ellen

They have to rely on their ears alone as judges on The Voice.

But take away Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s hearing and they are lost at sea, as was proven on a hilarious game of Say Whaaat? on Ellen on Monday.

The duo joined DeGeneres to try one of the funniest games from her Game Of Games, which is essentially Chinese Whispers / Telephone.

At stake: the loser had to call the winner ‘Daddy’, Adam revealed.

‘There’s actually a good chance that I really am his daddy,’ Blake quipped before the game.

Along with tWitch and exec producer Average Andy, all four donned ridiculous headphones and attempted to pass along an innuendo-laced sentence by lip-reading alone.

Ellen opened by telling Adam ‘Blake Shelton has hard hands from diddling his banjo’ — and Adam looked mystified. poker online

‘Blake Shelton has no brain,’ he told Andy, having clearly given up after the first three words.

This became ‘Blake Shelton has big balls’ which though incorrect, made it all the way back to Ellen intact.

The second round put Blake first, as Ellen told him: ‘Adam Levine bumped his ballpeen hammer into Blake’s biscuit.’

This became ‘Adam Levine prefers Coke over Pepsi,’ then ‘Adam Levine prefers cats over parrots,’ and finally ‘Adam Levine prefers that over parties.’

Nevertheless, Adam was deemed the winner, prompting Blake to exclaim ‘Oh daddy!’