Naomi Watts pays tribute to the director who launched her Hollywood career with breakout film Mulholland Drive

Naomi Watts was 32 when she got her big acting break as Betty/Diane Selwyn in David Lynch’s 2001 flick Mulholland Drive.

Almost two decades later, Naomi – who is now an A-lister – took to Instagram to pay tribute to the man who launched her Hollywood career.

‘Happy birthday to the incredible David Lynch who literally changed my life,’ the now 50-year-old actress wrote on Monday.

‘I am so appreciative of my buddy Dave taking a risk on me and becoming a wonderful friend and mentor,’ she continued. bandar ceme online

‘The world is a better place because of this man. His wit, charm and intelligence are brilliant. His heart gargantuan. His artistry, otherworldly. We are all better off thanks to his gifts.’

The Australian golden girl gushed: ‘For me, his belief in me finally meant I could believe in myself!! It also meant other great filmmakers wanted to work with me and I got to be part of the business of storytelling.’

‘[I am] forever indebted to this punk rock legend.’

The psychological thriller Mulholland Drive premiered at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, receiving a large number of awards and nominations and was highly acclaimed by critics.

The film also secured the budding star the Best Actress Award from the National Society of Film Critics and a nomination for Best Actress from the American Film Institute.

Speaking to the Independent in July 2017, Naomi said her luck as an actress ultimately changed when David cast her in the film.