Outlander: Brianna Randall confronts her rapist who faces execution as a diversion is planned to free Murtagh Fraser

Brianna Randall had a private audience with her rapist on Sunday’s episode of Outlander.

Bree [Sophie Skelton] played an important role in facilitating a diversion to save one condemned man while leaving another to die.

Lord John [David Berry] alerted Bree to the capture of Stephen Bonnett [Ed Speleers] and his impending execution.

Stephen had previously raped her and was potentially the father of her baby. aduq online

In last week’s episode, Murtagh [Duncan Lacroix] had pursed Bonnett in order to kill him, at Jamie’s [Sam Heughan] request.

The plan went awry, and Murtagh was also arrested by the Red Coats.

Fergus [Cesar Domboy] informed the other Regulators of Murtagh’s capture, and the group start working on a plan to rescue him before he’s railroaded into an execution.

Fergus and Marsali [Lauren Lyle] begin to plot an explosion that could provide a diversion to free Murtagh

Meanwhile, Bree convinces Lord John to take her to see Bonnett before he’s hanged.